dalen – a story of innovation

Dalen Limited is a UK manufacturer operating from a base in Birmingham, England.

The Dalen story began in 1957 as Amington Limited providing engineering solutions for industrial businesses. In the1980’s we extended our operation to include the production of stands for world leading TV manufacturers under the name of Dalen. This practice continued until 1993 when we came up with an innovative solution to deal with the theft of computers from our offices by building our own IT security enclosures. On the advice of our local crime prevention officer we began to sell them to our neighbours.

From that seed has grown the following brands:

TOP-TEC, our educational brand, specialises in creating audio visual integrated and collaborative furniture solutions for the education market.

Dalen Healthcare improves patient care by enabling IT to be effectively and efficiently used at the bedside to help nurses spend more time caring for patients.

Dalen Design Concepts, our corporate brand, focus on providing collaborative solutions for Corporate Training Spaces, and Meeting Spaces.

We recently said goodbye to Amington, our industrial brand, which is where it all started in 1957. Sadly December 2021 marked the end of manufacture and supply of these products but you can find more about the company and it’s founders here.

The company is owned and managed by MD Clive Beardmore, an engineer and designer who has worked with Dalen since 1983.

In an age of globalised and fractured supply chains we at Dalen continue to design and manufacture in the UK enabling us to ensure the quality of our products throughout the whole process and maintain our reputation as a high quality and cost effective solution provider.